To ensure or participants are well supported from the time they inquire to their completion of a particular experience with us, we will

  • Provide them with sufficient information to ensure they understand the program’s program and plans
  • Ensure they understand the ‘style of experience’
  • See the value and importance of ‘voluntourism’
  • Understand our philosophy of what and why we undertake such projects and experiences
  • Appreciate that we offer 24 hours / 7 days a week support whilst involved in the experience
  • Provide manuals and guides as appropriate
  • Conduct pre and post experience information sessions
  • Provide cultural understanding and language sessions to ensure they are prepared
  • Provide logistical support throughout the experience
  • Ensure they are provided with medical attention, advice and support as required
  • Have allocated staff to ensure support and high-quality leadership is provided


Participant Checklist

ALL participants should view and save the Participant Checklist

Checklist (pdf)

 Participant Packs

Please Download the information pack associated with the project/trek you signed up for.

Construction Participant Information Pack

Education Team Information Pack

Health Team Information Pack

Trek With A Cause Information Pack

Community Development Team Pack